First Time in New York


I spent my first weekend on the east coast, exept that one weekend I went to Philadelphia to check out Bryn Mawr for 2 days back when I thought I might live in a castle.. Cough. Didn't happen :/ 

But! New York ended up being amazing (albeit a little cold). I was a little apprehensive about exploring the city by myself, but it was sort of liberating having to figure things out by myself and strolling through the streets of this vast city. It was also great hanging out with Gramps and some of my architecture friends - Jordan & Anna! 

I took a red-eye and totally forgot about the time difference.. But 5.5 hours later, I had a great view of New York at sunrise :) 

Here are some snippits of New York that I particularly liked from walking around. I really like the public transportation (metro)! It's definitely different from the constant car-riding in LA ^_^" My legs were sore from walking all day! I'm pretty sure I wouldn't ever need to exercise if I lived in NY.. 


I also spent a night in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Jordan showed me the MOST AMAZING VIEW of New York at his home.  I also slipped in a picture of him, he's super cool! :D 

It was great to meet his landlord, a 50-something-year-old German guy who is totally groovy! He told me the history about the building -- How it started as a pasta factory before turning into an artist loft. There's been scandals (an illegal Matzo factory in the basement with no sprinkler system = possible explosions), but the view can't be beat. You can look more into it if you look up "475 Kent Ave" :) Strolling through the building with art/photography pasted onto the hallways was beautiful. There are apparently lots of famous National Geographic photographers in the building as well! 

After that, Jordan took me on a walk through the Williamsburg area and we ended up eating at Robertas', this hole in the wall pizza place that I NEVER would have walked into. Inside, rugs on the wall, loud DJ music, and rockin' pizza greeted us. Sort of had the whole LA vibe :P