Natasha Sadikin is located in San Francisco, CA. When she isn't managing Natasha Sadikin Photography, she also works as a creative director for an emerging skincare line. You can often find her at her desk, obsessively planning her next, great adventure. 

Interests: Photography, Swimming, Travel, Rock Climbing, Star Gazing, Planning Trips

The Deep on Photography:

With parents who were in the wedding photography + creative commercial industries, I like to think I always had an artistic inclination towards photography. At 15, I won my first national award (American Visions for Scholastic)  with a photo I took on a little point-and-shoot camera. It was here I realized that it's not about the equipment you shoot with, it's about intent.  This was also when I discovered a profound happiness and bliss in portraying the way I saw the world. Now, more than 7 years later, not much has changed. With the exception of an upgrade to more professional equipment, I am still amazed at how much of the world there is for me to discover!

I am also thankful to my clients who welcome me into their lives and allow me to  document the moments that are most meaningful to them. My style of photography is more journalistic: less pose, more interactions. I try to capture the everyday moments and the beauty of love & friendship I see in all my clients.   I look forward to working with you :) 




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