[Travel] Tahoe in the Snow

We got the chance of spending the holidays in Tahoe with a lot of old and new friends. It was great playing and skiing in the snow, but it was also freezing! It got as cold as 4 F. I actually got a bunch of bloody noses... I walked around a lot with tissue stuffed in my nose :'( 

The first morning, Michelle, Sidian and I woke up at the crack of dawn (well 6 AM to be exact but it really did feel too early..) and drove over to Zephyr Cove to explore. What we found was amazing! The water was a deep blue and the texture was velvety. We stayed for about 30 minutes before it got too cold and we went back to eat some yummy breakfast, hehe! We eventually came back with a bigger group to explore the surrounding rocks. 

Of course, the main portion of our trip was skiing at Kirkwood. It was about a 40 minute drive, so I got a lot of pictures of the surrounding snow. The second day of our trip when we first headed to the ski resort, it was around 4 F and extremely windy! At certain points, it got so windy we couldn't see in front of us. But the surroundings around us was breath-taking. 


Here's a snippit of our group. There's 16 of us but 3 are missing :( Look how bundled up we were! I was still cold, haha. 

We had our last ski day on New Years Eve, and the drive back was awesome!! We drove past this lake that was so big and huge. It was frozen over but looked like regular water. People were ice skating over it and it just looked so cool! I really wanted to stop by and get on that frozen piece of lake, but ALAS, I wasn't able to. Maybe next time? :') 

and finally..our drive home. We took the 395 back down to LA. Definitely prettier than the I-5. Overall, it was a great trip with some equally great views. I just wish I took my camera out more to take pictures (too cold, too cold!)