Hello Seniors of 2019. It's that exciting time of year again!! 


 If you already know you'd like to photograph with me, please drop me a message to reserve your session. If not, here are some of the most frequent questions that might help you out: 

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Ideal Date
Note: I only photograph weekends. I will do my best to accommodate dates, but I only photograph 1 sunset & 1 sunrise session per day.
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What makes you different than other photographers?

There is indeed a lot of photographers out there now that do senior portraits, and I personally think that's great :) Photographers FTW! If you find yourself confused as to who to choose, my biggest tip would be to look at all the photographer's photos and see their style. Each photographer has a distinctive style or edit, just pick the one you most identify with (for example, people have told me that my style is more "dreamy"). 

In addition to photographing people since I was 15 and being a UCLA graduate, this will be my 5th year doing senior portraits. That means I know a lot of hidden spots around the campus to take you to and guaranteed, I know how to make you look great in your photos. Also, as a female photographer, know that I will be looking out for you! I'm very picky about the little things so I'll always touch up fly-aways,  pin your hair back, brush off any dirt, re-adjust your dress so no panties are showing (this happens more than you think!), help guide your legs to make them look longer, etc. To get to know more about me, please feel free to check me out >>HERE<< 

Can you walk me through a session with you? 

About a week from the session date, you'll receive an email from me that includes more information on where to meet and what to bring. This will also be the time you can let me know of additional locations you'd like to shoot at. 

I will meet you at the location (lets say 6:00 AM). This will generally be at Royce Hall. From here, we will take the traditional photos (parents always like these) with full regalia-- cap, gown, sash, etc). Generally, we go from full regalia and then start stripping things off. For example, we do one with full regalia, then one with just the cap and sash, then eventually with just sash. After the more formal shots, we now have time to do more of the fun shots. This includes, dipping your feet into the water fountain, jumping in the grass, whatever you want! You are welcome to bring any props you want. We go through all the different locations until you're satisfied or until we've reached our 2.5 hour time cap.

Looks sunny right? This was shot at 7 AM!&nbsp;

Looks sunny right? This was shot at 7 AM! 

Once the session ends, you will receive access to the photos on a password-protected client gallery. On average, there are around 120-140 images per session. You can even "favorite" some for later and send the links to your parents and family for easy photo-ordering.  This makes it easier for you to share the photos anywhere you'd like.

When is the best time to shoot? 

The best light is at sunrise (often around 6-6:30 AM in the summer months) and about 1.5 hours before sunset (most commonly referred to as "golden light"). Why is this? Because the light is very even and closer to the horizon line. This means your face is always evenly lit. Afternoons (1 PM onward) is often the worst time to shoot because the light is very harsh, which creates dark shadows under your eyes. You'll also be very warm, flustered, and probably sweating. Because of this, its very very important that you show up on time for your session. Coming even 15 minutes late can severely affect the light quality. Because of these light conditions, I only photograph one sunrise and one sunset session per day, so be sure to reserve your session in advance!

This UCLA group stuck to neutrals: blue, white, tan, and minimal black. It created a very easy cohesive look

This UCLA group stuck to neutrals: blue, white, tan, and minimal black. It created a very easy cohesive look

What date is best for 2017 Senior Portraits?

Students will be able to pick up their cap+gown regalia after mid-May. So if you want to shoot with your cap + gown, after this date would be the best. If you don't care about full regalia, UCLA has released 2017 sashes early this year for you to photograph with. Remember that sessions after mid-May tend to book out the quickest.

Are there colors I should avoid?

I find that neutral colors work best. I am a natural-light photographer, so materials that are a little bit see-through always work beautifully. Try to avoid big stripes (small ones are cute, if you aren't sure feel free to send me a picture and I can advise), patterns, and all-black). My biggest tip is to wear something that you feel great in. At the end of the day, I'm here to capture the best version of you. 

Great! How do I book a session?

Simple.To book a session, all you have to do is send me a message. I will also be providing a discount for February - May 15 sessions.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out. I look forward to photographing you :) 


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